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“SILVA” Suites Regulations, Szklarska Poręba 18a Kilińskiego St.

The owners of the Suites will be very grateful for complying with these Regulations, which are designed to ensure a peaceful and safe stay.

  1. A suite can be booked by phone, email or an on-line booking system available on our website.
  2. Having booked a suite, the Lessee is obliged to put down a deposit of 30 % of the cost of his/her stay within 3 days of the booking.
  3. We confirm the receipt of the deposit and acceptance of the booking by phone or email.
  4. Failure to pay the deposit within the set deadline results in booking cancellation.
  5. The act of paying the deposit is tantamount to accepting the Regulations of the facility.
  6. The deposit is returned in whole if the service is not provided due to the staff’s fault.
  7. The deposit is not returned if the client cancels his/her booking within 7 or fewer days before the client’s arrival. In the event the client cancels his/her booking 8 or more days before his/her arrival, the only option available is change of the date of his/her stay. We do not return any money if the client leaves earlier.
  8. On checking in, the client is obliged to present a proof of his/her identity with a photo – his/her ID or passport.
  9. The price covers all taxes and extra fees, i.e. fees for using utilities (gas, power, water, the Internet) and cleaning before the Lessee’s arrival.
  10. The price is exclusive of the local health resort tax in the amount of 2.20 PLN/person/each day of stay.
  11. Clients can check in from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  12. If the Lessee cannot arrive as agreed, the Lessee is obliged to inform SILVA staff of the fact immediately by phone. If the Lessee fails to contact the Lessor, the Lessor reserves the right to cancel the Lessee’s booking.
  13. The price is to be paid on the arrival day.
  14. In the case of stays lasting less than 7 days, the Lessee can order extra cleaning and new bedding and towels during his/her stay.
  15. In the case of stays lasting more than 7 days, the suite is cleaned once a week without any extra charge mentioned in point 14.
  16. In the suite there cannot stay more persons than the number provided during the booking process.
  17. There can be no more than 4 persons in the suite.
  18. Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  19. The Client should report any damage immediately to the staff.
  20. The Lessee is responsible for the safe keeping of his/her keys to the suite, the security access card and in the event they are lost – the Lessee is obliged to cover their cost. In the event of the key loss, the Client is obliged to pay PLN 50. The Client should report any damage immediately to the staff.
  21. The Lessee is obliged to exercise due attention when using water valves and electrical equipment. For fire safety reasons, the Lessee must not use any electrically-powered devices which are not furnished in the suite, except computers, shavers, hairdryers and chargers.
  22. Having in mind safety and comfort of our guests, we do not allow for smoking and lighting of candles in the suites. Should the Lessee ignore the ban, the Lessee will be obliged to pay a fine of PLN 500.
  23. The Lessee must not organize any kind of parties in the suite.
  24. We would like to ask our guests to leave their pets at home.
  25. In the event of any discrepancies, please report them within 24 hours from checking-in. Complaints made on departure will not be examined.
  26. We do not bear responsibility for any inconveniencies that are beyond our control, such as failure in the power or water supply.
  27. In the suites our guests are not allowed to:
    – smoke,
    – walk in ski boots and bring skis or other sports equipment into the suite.
    – disturb the silence.
  28. Sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, ski boots, etc. must be kept in rooms designated for this purpose.
  29. These Regulations are provided to the Clients on the website and in the suites.
  30. Any disputes between the Lessee and the Lessor will be resolved in compliance with the Polish law by a court competent for the Lessor.

Apartamenty Szklarska Poręba


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