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Apartamenty Silva Szklarska Poręba


Szklarska Poręba and its surrounding offer a number of attractions for families and sportspeople.

The offer is not limited to downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and hiking. In Szklarska Poręba there are fantastic ski-touring trails and wonderful conditions for dog sledding.

From spring to autumn tourists can enjoy mountain biking. Systematically expanding its offer for cyclists, Szklarska Poręba is aspiring to be the “Cycling Capital of Poland”. Szklarska Poręba and its vicinity are also popular among rock climbers.

Below you can find links to attractions we heartily recommend. Each of you will find a place worth-seeing:

Place Distance
Ski Arena Szrenica

15min (on foot)

Rodzinny Park Rozrywki “Esplanada” (A Family Theme Park)

15min (on foot)

Chata Walońska “Juna” (A Cottage)

30min (on foot)


45min (on foot)

Miasteczko Cyrkowe (A Circus Town)

30min (by car)

Kowarskie Kopalnie (Mines)

45min (by car)

Park Miniatur (A Miniature Park)

45min (by car)

Western City

40min (by car)

Leśna Huta (A Forest Glassworks)

15min (on foot)

Wodospad Szklarki (A Waterfall)

45min (on foot)

Wodospad Kamieńczyka (A Waterfall)

55min (on foot)

Chybotek (A Balancing Rock)

65min (on foot)

Muzeum Mineralogiczne (A Mineralogical Museum)

3min (on foot)


For more information on Szklarska Poręba please visit the town website:


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